Saturday Evening

Saturday afternoon saw Kodaline deliver the first “get-yer-mate-on-your-shoulders- and-sing-along” moment for Hard Rock Calling 2013. The Irish alt-rock quartet delivered plenty of highlights in their set, including crowd pleasing delights ‘High Hopes’, ‘Love Like This’ and closer ‘All I Want’. 

As the sun continued to shine down, smiles were abundant. If there was an award for the 'Smilest Band of the Day' it would have been planted square on the chops of Eliza and the Bear. This happy five-piece from London hit the Hard Rock Rising stage as temperatures begin to soar - the joys of an unpredictable English summer! Eliza and The Bear were the opposite of unpredictable, being consistently joyous and jaunty with a solid pop heart. A perfect festival moment.

It was an elbow here, an nod of apology there, and gritted determination to get into the Pepsi Max tent to see The View and haven't they grown up since we saw them last! The Scottish indie rockers still have the same boyish charm and pop sensibilities we remember, but now it's with new tunes and haircuts to boot. Their new material sounds as fresh as a daisy, but the biggest singalong of the day came when they played 'Same Jeans'. 

The blunderbuss that is Twin Atlantic’s ‘Free’ catapulted the early evening into action, insighting break-dance mosh pits, whilst Camden lads Tribes' new track ‘Dancehall’ had a similar effect on the Pepsi Max stage. Slightly subtler was opener ‘When My Day Comes’ and ‘Corner of an English Field’ which evoked classic idyll imagery.  If that was the straight, here comes the chaser…

Can't wait for more Hard Rock Calling 2013 action tonight!