Hunter & The Bear

Hunter & The Bear are a British trio of 22 year olds Jimmy Hunter, Will Irvine & Josh Abdelfatah

Having met at school in Scotland, Jimmy & Will discovered they had a mutual love of folk music. Inspired by artists such as The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen they started to write and perform as a duo. Jimmy took responsibility for lead guitar, mandolin and vocal whilst beside him Will not only played rhythm guitar but also kick drum and joint lead vocals. At eighteen Will started a performance course at Northumbria University, where he met Josh who was also pursuing the same degree. Jimmy & Will had already decided they needed a third member to play bass and over a few drinks, and despite already being an accomplished guitarist, Josh decided to learn the bass. This completed the band lineup and in November 2012 the trio all moved to London to bring their own brand of power folk to the huddled masses. A mix of folk, country & rock, tight three part harmonies and explosive energy ensures an impressive live show.

Their first EP ‘Cubs’ is available now on Itunes

The second EP will be released in summer 2013.