All disabled customers are welcome at Hard Rock Calling in the Olympic Park.

Facilities are provided in the arena to accommodate disabled customer’s needs. Not all disabled customer’s need to use these facilities but we will provide access to whatever is needed and/or a free PA/companion ticket where required to ensure your stay is more comfortable and most of all enjoyable.


Disabled Access Tickets and access to the disabled customer viewing platform for Bruce Springsteen on Sunday 30th June 2013 have now sold out.  If you wish to be added onto the cancellation list please email your name and contact number to:

Please Note: We cannot guarantee any cancellations.
Disabled Access Tickets are still available to buy for Kasabian on Saturday 29th June 2013 from the tickets page.
If you require a PA/companion to attend with you, you need to apply for their ticket separately. This can be done by downloading our registration form from the “Documentation” heading.
Please Note: Only complete the registration form once you have purchased your ticket(s).


Once you have purchased a disabled access ticket please provide details of your access needs on the registration form. Each application will be considered on a case by case basis and in some cases we may ask for additional proof of your access needs. Please attach either a copy of your DLA letter or equivalent (Christmas bonus letters are not accepted) clearly confirming the need for the request(s) on the registration form and then send it back to us. If you do not receive DLA or equivalent we do accept GP letters confirming your requirement(s).
Both the registration form and proof of disability/requirement need to be received together in order to be reviewed.
Please feel free to cross out details such as reference numbers and amounts that are not directly relevant to your application. We will keep these letters secure and once we have reviewed them, we will immediately and securely destroy them. Please be patient and wait to hear from us. If you have not heard from us within six weeks of applying, please email us on the below email address.
On the form you can apply for a PA/companion ticket if you are unable to attend the event without the assistance of a PA/companion.
Once we have received the form and it has been reviewed we will send you a confirmation email or letter once the PA/companion ticket has been added onto your order. Details on where you sent your registration form are provided below.
PLEASE NOTE: Registration forms need to be submitted within two weeks of purchasing your disabled access ticket(s). The cut-off date for submitting your registration form will be one week prior to the event. Registration forms cannot be submitted on the day.
Please send your registration form and documentation to us via any of the following methods:
Post: The Access Team
Live Nation
2nd Floor
Regent Arcade House
19-25 Argyll Street
Fax: 0870 094 9230
Telephone Number: 0207 195 2133
Please Note: The contact number above can be used to discuss your access needs or for information on your booking or event.


Parking arrangements and availability are still to be confirmed and we are unable to guarantee any parking at this stage. Please be assured that will be exploring all options available to us to provide parking for Blue Badge holders.
Information will be updated here as and when we have further information, though we strongly recommend customers make plans to use public transport where possible.

For information on accessible public transport to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park please visit the TFL website


Entrance– There will be a dedicated entrance for disabled customers and their party. The gate number will be confirmed on your ticket(s).
Viewing Platforms- Are available at the main, 2nd and 3rd stages and have a strict one plus one policy (disabled customer + their PA/companion). PA/companion’s may be asked to stand at the back of the platform when it is busy so we can use their chair or space accommodate more disabled customers and we ask that all customers are considerate of other’s needs.
We will provide access to the viewing platforms for customers that need to use this facility. This includes, though not exclusively, wheelchair users, customers who are unable to stand for long periods, customers unable to be in large crowds and customers with invisible impairments. This is subject to availability.
The viewing platforms are made available on a first come first served basis to pre-booked customers. In the event of the smaller viewing platforms becoming full we will operate a one in one out process.
PLEASE NOTE: All viewing platforms operate a strict No Smoking policy.
Children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by a guardian (18 or over) at all times. Even though the platforms have a one plus one policy customers children will be permitted access if there is no other adult in the party.
Seating- Will be provided on each platform for anyone who is not a wheelchair user, including a seat for customer’s PA/companion’s. Please be aware that seating such as folding camping chairs, stools, floor seating and shooting sticks, will not be permitted in the arena.
Toilets- There are unisex accessible toilets located in most toilet blocks on the site and specifically by the viewing platforms. We also provide unisex standard toilets at the viewing platforms for non-wheelchair users & PA/companions.
Electrical Charging Facility– Power points are available at the main stage viewing platform ONLY for customers who may need to charge their electric wheelchair or scooter.
Customers with Hearing Impairments– We regret that there is no induction loop facility at this event.
Strobe Lighting- You are advised that flicker, laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be used during some performances.
Medication- If you need to bring medication with you, we recommend bringing a doctor’s note or a prescription for it if it is not easily recognizable.


Disabled access tickets and/or facilities are for festival goers with permanent disabilities, so broken legs, recent injuries or pregnant customers do not qualify.
Here is a bit of information to make your event more enjoyable: We always advise customers to bring their maternity card with them and on arrival to make themselves familiar with the first aid/welfare points.

Where possible we advise customers to stay out of the main crowded areas. On arrival and when departing, please stay to the side or maybe arrive and leave a little later to avoid the main egress.

I’m afraid no chairs are permitted into the Olympic Park as this is a standing event only.

Live Nation Experience sell packages to the event which include a seat in the grandstand (VIP package). For more information please see this link:


Should you have any enquiries regarding disabled access and/or facilities at the festival please feel free to call the disabled access information line on: 0207 195 2133 or email:
Our office opening hours are 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday.
We do not take bookings over the phone this number is for disabled access information only. Customers who are unable to book their disabled access ticket(s) online can call Ticketmaster Special Access Team on: 0800 988 4440
The information phone line is used for all of our outdoor events and is extremely busy all year round. If you are unable to get through please leave a voicemail with your name, number and the nature of your enquiry and we will call you back by the end of the next business day. Do not leave multiple messages as this will only slow the return process down.
Please DO NOT call this number with general festival enquiries as we will be unable to help.